Suggestions for Grace

Based on your quiz responses I'm suggesting a tighter band and a similar-sized cup. Since I'm changing your band size, your cup letter will also change, so you'll notice that I'm suggesting a 30B as your cup size and XS or Small as your bralette size. This tighter band will stabilize the straps on your shoulders and keep your bra in place on your body. 

Underprotection Bea Bralette-XS
Commando Butter Bralette -XS
Natori Feathers Contour: 30B 
Skarlett Blue Beloved T-shirt bra: 30B
Only Hearts Whisper Underwire in Small
OR the wireless version, the Whisper Retro Bralet in Small
Cosabella Sweetie in Small 
Uwila Warrior Bralette in S
Underprotection Mia Bralette
Skarlett Blue Strapless Bra in 30B