Suggestions for Katy

Based on your quiz responses, I'm suggesting 34Fs (and in some cases 34G when cups run small/shallow) as a good size to try. Some of these might be sold out but we'll be restocking shortly. If there's one, in particular, you'd like to be notified of, please let me know! 

Natori Feathers Contour in 34G
Natori Cherry Blossoms in 34F 
Natori Bliss Contour in 34F 
Natori Elusive in 34F
Chantelle Norah in 34F 
Else Bare in 34E 
Liberte Bowery Mesh in 34G
Liberte Bowery Lace in 34F

All underwear and nightwear, take your usual size of medium.