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    Looking for a place to donate your gently loved bras? Forty Winks accepts all styles and sizes for donation to the following organizations.

    Cleaning out your top drawer never felt so good.


    The Bra Recyclers

    The Bra Recyclers, LLC, is a for-profit clothing recycling company, founded by Elaine Birks-Mitchell and Johnny Mitchell, Jr. Their goal is to ignite a ‘Bra-volution’ to recycle, reuse or repurpose bras while providing substantial social benefits to women and girls escaping domestic violence, drug addiction, human trafficking and breast cancer survivors.


    Free the Girls is a company that supplies former sex workers in Mozambique with gently used, resellable bras so that they can start their own shops and make their own money. Second­hand clothing is a profitable market in many countries around the world and bras are sought after items. Free to Girls also provides one­ on ­one coaching with each budding entrepreneur in areas like inventory management, budgeting, and financial planning for future dreams and goals they want to achieve. Your donation helps women establish profitable second hand clothing businesses while still going to school and caring for their families.