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Lingerie Care


We encourage you to hand wash your delicates with a lingerie specific detergent. These products have ingredients that strengthen the elastic fibers in your undergarments and extend the life of your lingerie.  

Care Instructions

Hand wash
Use gentle soap (such as The Laundress Delicate Wash or Soak). Avoid Woolite – it ruins the elasticity of the fabric! If you need to wash bras in a machine, use a lingerie bag and the most delicate wash cycle.

Hang dry
The drying rack is your bra’s best friend. Putting bras in the dryer destroys their elasticity, stresses the underwire, and ruins the shape of contoured cups.

Invest in quality
If a bra is made with quality fabrics, stitching, and underwire, it will likely outlive its cheaper counterparts, and you won’t end up buying a new bra every couple months.

Store bras with care
How you store bras greatly impacts their lifespan. For example, molded cups shouldn’t be inverted when stored.

Rotate your bra wardrobe
Building a wardrobe of five or six bras that you can rotate wearing is ideal, but if you wear bras for support every day, it’s a good idea to have at least two. Otherwise, you’ll have to replace your one trusty bra more frequently.

Get a bra refresher
You will eventually need to replace bras that are doing a lot of everyday work for you. We recommend coming in annually to make sure that your bras are still working for you.