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Why We Started Forty Winks

Rachel and Meredith met in the Spring of 2007 working together at Mint Julep in Harvard Square. We immediately became very good friends. Our love for small business was clear. Rachel had come from a corporate job in advertising and longed for a position where she could connect with customers. Meredith came from college with a studio art degree and longing for the creative. We knew we could combine our interests and strengths and create something really great.

  Meredith Amenkhienan


We started planning our business adventure in the Fall of 2008. Having both had terrible experiences with trying to find bras and underwear we knew we do better, much better, to help ourselves and our community find undergarments. Being turned down on multiple spaces our current property managers took a chance on us and we thrived. Opening our doors in April 2010 we have been in our current space now for 10+ years.

  Rachel Wentworth

We have grown such an amazing community of customers, friends, and family. We are so passionate about bringing the best lingerie to our folks and sharing our love with you all!