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Black Sheep Bagel x Forty Winks

AUTHOR: Meredith Amenkhienan
Black Sheep Bagel x Forty Winks

Need an extra cup in the morning? 🐑☕️🥯

Meet the newest addition to our Ease Collection
- Launching April 1st -

We think mornings should be easier. In our new collaboration with Black Sheep Bagel, we’ve created the Extra Cup Bra - for holding your coffee and bagel so you can go hands-free in the morning. Tip - works at night with beer and onion rings. 

Extra Cup Bagel Bra

Go hands-free while getting ready for the day.

April Fools Bagel Bra


Can’t even notice from the back.

Bagel Bra April Fools

Did we mention hands free!

Bagel Bra April Fools Forty Winks

Hungover? The Extra Cup Bra is extra useful for recovery.

April Fools Extra Cup Bagel Bra

Watch the full “commercial” on our Instagram Reels!

> Forty Winks on Instagram

Forty Winks x Black Sheep Bagel


Get yours today!

Forty Winks x Black Sheep Bagel April Fools

Happy April Fool's!

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