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Bra Knowledge

Your Bra Works Hard for You!

Your Bra Works Hard for You!

DID YOU KNOW? The average bra-wearing human will change sizes around FIVE TIMES in their life? Don't sweat it. We have tips and tricks for finding bras that fit the body you inhabit today and how to make your favorite pieces last. How do I know if my bra fits? It fits if: Your breasts are co...
Quiz: What's Your V-Day Style

Quiz: Valentine's Day Style

DO YOU MISS THE DAYS OF COSMO QUIZZES? Because same. Take a hot minute out of your day for our quick quiz to find out your Valentine's Day style! TALLY UP YOUR TOTALS AND CHECK BELOW TO SEE YOUR RESULTS!    
Earth, Air, Fire, Water - Nurturing the Full Moon in Cancer

Earth, Air, Fire, Water - Nurturing the Full Moon in Cancer

Happy full moon in Cancer loves. If you’re feeling a little extra emotional these next couple of days, this might be why! Cancers energy is sensitive, protective and nurturing. This full moon asks us to take special care of ourselves and our loved ones. Have a good cry, take a relaxing bath, ma...
Why it's helpful to organize your underwear drawer

Why You Need To Take-5 and Organize Your Underthings

Are you digging madly in your top drawer looking for a lacy number to wear on a date? Or searching in vine for those specific seamless underwear you need for that one dress? We've all been there. It can really help to take 5 (or 10), dump everything out, take out what you haven't worn in ages a...
image of roses + how to wash your lingerie

Full Moon Rituals For Cleaning Your Delicates

Sophia here...Happy, dreamy Pisces full moon! I thought it would be fun to show you how to make Moon Water that you can then use to clean your delicates!  For those of you who don't know, Moon Water is water that's been placed under the light of moon with the intention of absorbing lunar energ...