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Earth, Air, Fire, Water - Nurturing the Full Moon in Cancer

AUTHOR: Meredith Amenkhienan
Earth, Air, Fire, Water - Nurturing the Full Moon in Cancer
Happy full moon in Cancer loves. If you’re feeling a little extra emotional these next couple of days, this might be why! Cancers energy is sensitive, protective and nurturing. This full moon asks us to take special care of ourselves and our loved ones. Have a good cry, take a relaxing bath, make some moon water and stay hydrated. Feel all the feels and release them, this is not the time to bottle thing up! Check out our stories for mini horoscopes and specially curated collections based off of your zodiac signs. 


Grounded - Practical - Dependable
Earth babies, it’s okay if you’re not 100% chill ALL the time. This full moon is inviting you to have a good cry today.  Whether you’re watching your favorite sappy movie, or having an overdue conversation with a loved one, you will feel better after.


Communicative - Sociable - Free Spirited
As an air sign, it is more natural for you to access your emotions via conversation rather than sitting with your feelings. During this lunation, try to go outside of your comfort zone a bit. Make a vision board or do some journaling to find out what your goals are & what is holding you back from completing them.


Passionate - Bold - Confident
As a fire sign, you are used to swift forward action. This moon is asking you to sloooww down.  Take time to asses your actions and feelings before you act upon them. Take a dance break to help release your energy.


Emotional - Sensitive - Nurturing
Sweet loving emotional water signs. You are in your element! You are no stranger to intense feelings, so take this time to be extra gentle with yourself. Indulge in a hot relaxing bath.
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