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Shop Local - Stocking Stuffers

AUTHOR: Meredith Amenkhienan
Shop Local - Stocking Stuffers

A smattering of our favorite stocking stuffers 🧦 from some of our favorite local makers and brick & mortars. Shop local this holiday season!

1. Forty Winks X Savvy Cocoa's Day Tripper Candle, $32.00 - Shop Here

2. Caravan Large Daily Driver Brass Hoops, $42.00 - Shop Here 

3. Della Pace Lilla Daily Moisturizer, $40.00 - Shop Here

4. Kind Goods Gilded Bee Dish, $38.00 - Shop Here

5. Covet and Lou Standard Baggu in Scarf Floral, $12.00 - Shop Here

6. Mint Julep Greek Eye Necklace, $36.00 - Shop Here

7. Nomad You're Perfect Pouch, $18.00 - Shop Here

8. Olives and Grace Oatmeal Milk & Honey Bath Bomb, $10.00 - Shop Here

9. Beach Witch Bars Peppermint Dibs on the Brain Vegan Holiday Bar Soap, $9.50 - Shop Here

10. xoSophiaWolf Hot Cross Buns Ornament, $15.00 - Shop Here


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